Germany Valley Cabins Rental Policy


  • Check in is anytime after 3pm - Check out is by 11am.

  • 11am means you should be cleaned up and shutting the Car door to drive out the driveway. There is limited amount of time to clean between guests. If you stay past 11am you risk being charged an extra day for your rental unless late check out has been approved by Luci

  • Credit Card to hold reservation. Full payment due 14 days before arrival, unless other arrangements are made with management.

    Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel a booking more than 14 days prior to the arrival date there is a $50 fee. If you cancel a booking 14 days or less before the arrival date, we will refund your payment, only if we get another reservation for those dates minus $50.

    The person Registering for the cabin rental is responsible for all his/her guests and/or damages incurred for your stay. Day to day wear is not included. With your help we can keep our cabins looking new. We appreciate your reporting any damages that occur during your stay.

    To avoid additional cleaning fees: On day of your departure leave your cabin neat and clean. Leave a note if something is broken or needs repair. Please respect our next guests. It could be you.

  • clean dishes, pots, pans, stove, refrigerator. Dishes must be in drainer or put away DRY.
  • Clean up spills and trash in trash cans.
  • Hang towels and washcloths in bathroom.
  • Sweep floor.
  • Lock door

    Inventory is done for each cabin.

  • if items are missing or damaged by your negligence, you will be billed for them on your credit card.
  • do not take any bedding (blankets, pillows, bedspreads) outside.
  • use bath towels and wash cloths for shower need only.
  • keep trash is cans with lids on tight to prevent visits from the animal population.
  • do not put food stuff down sink.
  • do not flush sanitary napkins down toilet.


    No Pets Allowed
  • Eviction immediately with no refund
  • IF discovered by us while cleaning that you had a pet during your stay, you will be billed in accordance to the damage and extra cleaning caused to the cabin, a minimum $200.


    You are responsible for children staying in your cabin. Children should never be left unsupervised or alone in cabin or on property. We are not responsible for any injuries to your children.

    General Rules

    If you have more guests staying in the cabin than the max. number posted on the website for that cabin you risk being ask to leave immediately without refund.

    Staff and Management AccessMembers of staff and management may enter the premises for the purpose of inspection and verification of maximum occupancy at anytime.

    No smoking in cabins. Place butts in the smokers outpost or trash on the deck. Additional cleaning cost of $250.00 will be billed to your credit card.

    No fireworks.

    Enjoy the cattle but do not try to pet them. They are not tame.

    Germany Valley Overlook Cabins, LLC is not responsible for accidents to you or anyone in your party, or damage to your property while staying as a guest at our cabins, hiking, or by an act of God (weather, etc.)

    Maximum Occupancy

    Additional people above Maximum occupancy must be approved ahead of arrival. Cost for each person above the maximum occupancy is $50 per night or possible eviction without refund.

    Electric Vehicles

    Plugging in of an electric vehicle is not available at this time. I do not have a designated plug with the correct amps for this. Plugging your vehicle into the cabin may result in a fire for which you are responsible. If you plug in your car eviction will be immediately. If your car needs charged to go you will be responsible for the tow bill.